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These horses help safely develop the riders in our program. We have 14 School Horses in our program.  More information coming soon on our new horses.

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One of our Featured Best Boys

Dexter is one of our taller school horses.  He stands 16.1 hands tall.  Dexter is our advanced beginner and up type horse.  Once you learn how to steer, Dexter is a great option to learn the ropes of cantering on.  He loves to be groomed and has a sweet disposition on the ground.


Let Logan show you the ropes

Logan is a staple in our program at Fox Pointe.   He has taught many students the ropes in the show ring.  He is a great teacher and loves to teach little riders how to jump.   

Don't let our advanced riders fool you if you see him going around the arena - he has a very bouncy trot.  We usually say, "If you learn to sit Logan's trot, you have mastered the sitting trot."

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Another Featured Best Boy

Derby has a long history of showing and being a fancy large pony.  You wouldn't believe Derby is in his 20's and he sure doesn't act like it.  Derby is very special to us at Fox Pointe.  He loves being groomed and teaching little riders.

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